Every Nigerian Needs Cover For Their Car

There are many reasons to take out car insurance however the three key factors why any car driving Nigerians in particular need to insure their vehicle more than their counterparts elsewhere in the world.

These include: the high crime rate, the poorly state of many of Nigerian roads, and the overly high incidence of negligence among many Nigerian road users.

The high crime rate in Nigeria has long been a major concern for anyone who owns a car, and for that reason auto cover has always been high on the agenda of Nigerians. Most insurance companies in Nigeria will not even consider providing cover to a person who does have tracking device fitted to their vehicle. This need for auto cover has grown in recent times as the amount of hijacking and car theft has risen exponentially over the last few years. The level auto cover is also directly related to the level of poverty in Nigeria and as poor people grow in number and in desperation in Nigeria, so too will the need for auto cover.

The state of the roads in Nigeria is a major factor in the rise for the need for auto cover. The back roads and country roads all across Nigeria have such bad pot holes that drivers are not just concerned about picking up a few scratches, but they are genuinely worried about doing serious damage to their cars. The size of the holes could literally bring an end to your family holiday or business trip and this is why auto cover is so important.

Good car insurance cover means that should anything happen on one of these nasty roads, assistance is only a phone call away, and if it needed then a replacement vehicle will be sent out sharpish. This kind of service has become the norm in the auto cover market because the market has grown so rapidly. Companies that provide auto cover, are now competing with many others and this means that consumers can now expect a much higher level of service.