About Us

Insurance.com.ng is new young start-up insurance provider that helps Nigerians negotiate better insurance services from premium insurance companies in Nigeria.

How works.

We are a purely internet based business which does not carry the running costs of land based insurance brokerages or brick and mortar insurance businesses.

Insurance.com.ng workes with the principals of volume of consumers and are able to better negotiate reduced rates with Nigeria’s best insurance companies on behalf of these customers.

So instead of taking a typical “broker fee” associated to the sale of an insurance policy, we pass the commission value (that the insurance company would normally pay) directly back to the customer as a saving, thus making only a marginal percentage off every sale transaction.

Effectively we bring bulk negotiated rates directly to the consumer without the typical costs of a middle man broker. This is a common process adopted by many insurance services across the globe and we are determined to set new standards in Nigeria.

All our participating insurance companies are NAICOM accredited name brands and all client information gets passed directly to the insurer who handles a direct relationship with you.